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Shipping + Payments

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Shipping Policy

Our items are printed on demand and while the effects of Covid-19 persist, we are at the mercy of the post in each country. Once your item has been shipped and reaches the destination country it is in the hands of the mail carrier. We will do our best to help if any issues arise, but we do not have a special relationship with postal services to locate packages. We cannot guarantee delivery times until the shipping situation around the world improves.


Payments are securely processed using PayPal. You are able to pay via your PayPal account, or if you do not have one / would prefer to pay with a Credit Card, you can do so securely using their payment platform. PayPal accepts all major credit cards globally.

PayPal does not share your credit card details / bank details or any other information with us so you can be assured your information is protected. We also use a strong security certificates on our site, to ensure your information is protected.

If you would like further information about PayPal you can find their website here : www.paypal.com.

Thank you for supporting my work, it means the world to me! Hetty