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For Those We’ve Lost

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For Those We’ve Lost

The world is turning, as it should
on such a day as this.
I wake, I stretch my arms and lean
into the morning’s kiss.
I’ll pay my bills and call my friends,
I’ll eat, and see, and do.
Another day will wind away
for them, and me and you.

But somewhere in my heart, and here
upon this spinning rock.
A gap is present, ringing clear, that
no small chore will block.
My friend is dead, and gone today,
you’d think the day would slow.
For such a death of one so loved,
can time itself just show..
A modicum of grief. Respect?
To let the mourners come.
Dim all those lights, chain up our cars,
and please blot out that sun.

As he is gone, but we still breathe,
and eat and live our lives.
And all for naught the angels weep,
When someone special dies.

© Hetty Kate